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About Us

At Integrity Moisture Solutions, we treat your structure like an envelope. Everything has to be sealed and constructed properly to ensure that the structure is protected from the elements, the environment and even the building’s own internal systems. Integrity Moisture Solutions specializes in roofing consulting, waterproofing consulting and wall/facade consulting. Our years of expertise and experience will provide value to any project that we work on.

At IMS, we don’t just tell you what the problem is; we do a thorough and comprehensive investigation to determine and present issues and what issues may arise in the future. Preventative measures are always more cost effective and efficient than waiting for a structure failure to happen.

In addition, we provide the solution to any issues through developing the design for remediation and providing any necessary construction documents.

When you need experience, professionalism and dedication, remember Integrity Moisture Solutions for all of your roofing, waterproofing and wall consulting needs. We work throughout the United States, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana and beyond. Contact us for more information on our services and how we can help protect your building’s envelope.